We bring you the best high-end interior design in Bangalore at affordable prices. In our vast range of products, you can always discover something new – from antique to modern, chic to rustic, and beyond.
Our interior decorations always add to the homely feeling at your home.

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Everything you realy need to know about the Storyboardesign

How is IkaaDesign different from the other players in the market? – Please explain this question from a product and service point of view

Ikaa Design- is an Interior Design and Interior Products firm located in a 40000sft office space in the heart of the city. Leadership were Ms. Jyothi Jain and Ms. Swathy come with international project experiences and excellent professional qualification. We focus on delivering projects with the highest quality and effective timelines. Ikaa Design can help you find a solution to any of your needs matching your budget.
We have 7 verticals and individual head for each department.
We have the Product knowledge coupled with numerous brands that we have tied up with from across the globe (Italian, Chinese and Indian Products) we design the products and deliver.
Service terms: Our Duty is to transfer the deliver.
Executed projects are giving us worldwide client and the cubic solutions in the place.

Do you have package options available? If yes, what are they?

YES!! We do have packages options available, were the challenges are against the
transparency. We do customize the packages as L1, L2, and L3 concept (Lower, middle and High range packages)
We do projects as per the client’s budget we understand the client requirement and design the packages as well.

What is the nature and extent of involvement from your end during the entire project life cycle?

Definitely as a BDM am the first face to the client to exclusion (the process of excluding or the state of being excluded) even the PM will be the point of contact.

Do you provide any value added services in addition to the design and project execution?

YES!! We get the packages from China, Italy and customized art work (Indian Products). We do have vendors who are able to do it as Clients are for life.

What is the role of an interior designer?

Interior designers plan, envision and design your spaces in alignment to your needs and comfort while also focusing on human interaction and behaviour. We balance functional requirements with aesthetic considerations to reflect a particular mood or style of a space or showcase a particular corporate image the client desires. Interior designing ensures that ample focus is laid
on the glamorous and functional aspects of design work to to produce a cohesive end result.

WHY should I hire an Interior Designer?

Interior designers are educated to see the big picture, visualize the finished space and think creatively. They can also prevent you from making mistakes that have a high cost implication.Interior designers often hear Clients mention ‘It looked great in the showroom, but looks horrible in our house’. Thus an Interior designer with their professional knowledge, experience
and education will be able to provide you a tailor made solution that look great in your house.

Interior Designers can help with small or big projects, new builds or refurbishments and their advice and guidance in each of these domains is invaluable.

If a well-designed space is a priority for you then hiring an interior designer will add immense value and help you translate your vision into a reality.

WHEN should I hire an Interior Designer?

A good designer can help you with all the aspects of design. It is advisable that you hire an interior designer as early as possible, so they can chalk out the most cost effective approach for your project while keeping in mind your design considerations. They can also add immense value and help you direct the engineer – from aspects such as electrical to plumbing to demolition. They will help you build a robust structure.

Is there a difference between DESIGNER or DECORATOR

Yes there is a difference between the two. Interior Decorators focus on the furnishing and beautifying of a space that already exists, creating cosmetic changes to your interiors. Interior Designers, come in with a broader perspective and apply their knowledge of the technical aspects
of design including space planning, knowledge of building codes, fire safety regulations, environmentally sustainable design and accessibility standards in addition to the above.

Brief about Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator, what’s the difference?

Interior Design is everywhere we look these days, from the thousands of home magazines available, to the various TV programs available for access, its no wonder people are confused!
The media has done a fantastic job at blurring the difference between design and decoration, not to mention all these unrealistic design TV shows that focus on residential design, so when I tell people that I am an interior designer, they automatically think I make homes beautiful. I’m not saying I don’t do this, but there is SO much more to it, than deciding which scatter cushions to select!

  • Interior decoration is the furnishing and beautifying of a space that already exists.
  • Interior design involves creating these spaces consideration of human interaction and behavior.
  • Interior designers usually hold a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification and have an extensive knowledge of building codes, fire safety regulations and accessibility standards.
    Product and material knowledge is also crucial in designing a space and the fitment of the same is also based on many variables.
  • Interior designers further have the additional responsibility for ensuring adherence to sustainable design practices, ensuring products recommended are the best use of Earth’s resources.
  • Interior designers love what they do. From space planning to problem solving, selection of beautiful products and relationship building, seeing people enjoying the spaces created by them is truly rewarding experience and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • So, contrary to what you might read in magazines or watch on TV, interior design is much more than picking paint colours and rearranging furniture!
WHERE do I meet with an Interior Designer?

Generally, it is best to meet the interior designer on site so that they can get a feel for the space and you can talk through all your ideas with them. But if that doesn’t suit you, you can visit them at their office office as well and also get an idea of the kind of products they have available – even a catch up at your local coffee shop is as good a place as any!

What Should I have prepared for my FIRST MEETING with an Interior Designer?

Prior to your initial meeting, it will be great if you have the following things prepared (but not essential):

  • Your idea of how the space should look – basic theme, essence and style that you seek
  • Any drawings/sketches you have prepared
  • Company style/branding guidelines (in case of corporate)
  • Any existing AutoCAD files and plans (including any existing electrical, mechanical,structural & hydraulic designs)
  • An idea of your budget (a ballpark figure)
  • An approximate timeframe for the project completion
What is the first step in THE DESIGN PROCESS?

The first step is to define the project. –Typicallydefine the basis essence and underlying theme that the space shoud reflect. For example – in the case of a corporate, the need might be a design that reflects the Company and its philosophy.
Following this, the interior designer will do some research while considering variables such as needs, wishes, requirements, limitations and dislikes. The interior designer will also like to chat with the end users to understand the duties and day-to- day processes. A thorough inspection of the site will also be carried out, which may include taking measurements and photos. The interior designer may also do additional research in relation to the site, which may influence the design.
The next step for the interior designer is to brainstorm and formulate the preliminary design ideas. They may prepare flow diagrams, floor plan layouts, sketches and imagery and presentit to you for discussion and feedback. This is known as the schematic or conceptual design.

HOW MUCH do Interior Designers Charge for their services?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, a designer would typically charge you a percentage of the amount on the project scope.If you engage your interior designer on a fixed price quote, typically they will schedule payments progress wise as each phase of the design process is completed.

Can we see running projects of your Company?

Depending on your requirement we will provide a tour of the model apartment to show you the relevant project where you can compare the aesthetics easily and understand the material and product specifications used and the budget estimate for designing a similar space.

What grade of material will be using?

We use the materials with ISO Standards where design meets the quality and design. We seek nothing but the best for our customers.