We bring you the best high-end interior design in Bangalore at affordable prices. In our vast range of products, you can always discover something new – from antique to modern, chic to rustic, and beyond.
Our interior decorations always add to the homely feeling at your home.

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Flexible and hand crafted interior design that suits your home


A Solution for 2 BHK that suits your demands

2.5 BHK

A Solution for 2.5 BHK that suits your demands


A Solution for 3 BHK that suits your demands


A Solution for Duplex that suits your demands

Our Key Principles on working with clients

Refreshing your existing home or building a new one..

Personalised Approach

Taking a personalised approach so that clients have a space that reflects their needs and wishes.

Being Authentic

Being authentic and ensuring that a client’s home reflects who they are and their experiences.

Timeless Spaces

Creating timeless spaces to ensure that clients can enjoy a space that will stand the test of time.

New Build & Renovation Design

Our Interior Design & Interior Decoration Service

When it comes to our Interior Design service the focus is squarely on you and the lifestyle that you want to create in your home. For all of us, our home is our haven so the objective of Storyboard design is for you to love where you live.


Prepare the Project and Cost Schedule for the Project based on the budget and other inputs. After the approval from Project Manager , it is then forwarded a to Procurement and Finance Team for Initiation.


Develop a Procurement Plan with material listing and specifications. Once the plan is approved by Project Manager, next process is Vendor Selection and Finalization to initiate the execution of the Project.


Prepare the transmittal letter with list of drawings. Project Briefing, Initiation and communication on the Final date of the Project. Raising and Approval of Purchase Requisition. Receive material at Site from Procurement Team and Monitoring Quality Work


Informing Project Manager that the project site is ready for the Final Quality Review. Conducts Physical Verification at customers Site to Monitor and Inspect the work of the Vendor until any defects/damages are rectified.


Communicate completion of work to ID Coordinator who ensures vendor settlement with finance.


Updating Cost Schedule along the project duration in alignment with change in vendor payments. Process Payment to Vendors / Service Providers

The end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable, homely and really functional.

Whether you’re furnishing a brand new home, or renovating to give an older home a new lease on life, engaging the services of an interior designer can take your interiors to the next level.